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'Tis the season to optimise online presence!

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With the festive season fast approaching, small business owners are presented with a huge opportunity to capitalise on the spike in consumer spending that occurs over the Christmas and New Year period. In 2018, Aussies spent over $10.7 billion on Christmas gifts alone (Commonwealth Bank 2018); highlighting the importance during this time for small business owners to position their product or service within the most suitable channels for effective reach. Of this significant increase in consumer expenditure, 10% of the total retail spend was through e-Commerce platforms (Australia Post 2019); meaning considerable portions of your target customer base are choosing to shop online rather than in-store. This developing prevalence of online shopping is detrimentally overlooked by many small business owners in Australia when choosing a positioning strategy. With this knowledge in hand, however, the adoption of online channels to promote and sell your product or service can become a source of competitive advantage needed during the 2019 festive season to benefit from a timely increase in demand.

Australia Post E-Commerce Purchase Trends

From our experience as digital marketing consultants, the most successful online platforms for promoting and selling your business’ products or services are website, social media (Facebook and Instagram), search engine (Google) and email. By constructing a positioning strategy around these four different channels, you reduce the threat of missing out on a chunk of your target customer base who shop online. The key to all this is convenience; if your business can successfully present itself at the right time to the consumer, it’s no surprise that a sale is more than likely to follow.

The team as Sting Consulting Group have a proven track-record in growing the online presence of Australian small businesses. If you would like to be the next success story, contact us today and arrange a free initial consultation where our professionals will go through your business’ current situation before constructing a relevant proposal. Digital marketing is the way of the future, so don’t allow your business to be left behind!

From all of us at Sting Consulting Group, we wish you a safe and enjoyable festive season.

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